Helping you support your students is our priority.

Our mission is to help universities provide guidance and support to vulnerable students during their induction period. Using predictive analytics, we help universities create an effective and supportive environment for their students


We Help You Achieve Your Targets

We help you achieve your targets. We understand your university will have its own areas of focus and targets to hit for the year ahead. We want to know what these goals are and then use our predictive model to ensure that you attain them.

Making The Most Out Of Your Data

Our predictive algorithm has been created with two goals in mind. The first goal is to identify students who are at risk of dropping out even before they arrive at the university. The second goal is to provide student services with the most practical piece of advice for each individual student they work with.

Smooth Transition

The first few weeks after joining a university mark a very important inductive period for the students. This is a moment that can be quite intimidating for most students and can dictate how they engage with other students or cope in the new environment. Our efficient system together with the input from Student Support will help bring the students closer to the university for advice and guidance.

Amazing Results That Bring Change

Our system will help your university come up with a workable solution that will yield good results. With the system, the university will see increased student retention and improved efficiency from your Student Support staff. Besides, an exceptional student-friendly and caring community within your institution will be born.

Key Features

Helping individual students: First-timers joining universities can at times get bogged down with anxiety. A proactive approach intended to make the most vulnerable among the students aware of the support services your university offers can massively help mitigate any fears. This creates a smooth and seamless transition into higher education and maximises the chances of success.

Universities: Forging good relationships with your students early on creates an environment with exceptional student experience. It also gives the students a sense of belonging to a community that cares and has a massive positive impact on Retention Rates, Student Satisfaction Scores and the overall reputation of your university.

Utilisation of resources: At times, university staff may have limited resources. That means it is difficult to get everything done. Our predictive model makes the best use of your limited resources, making sure that staff efforts are focused towards where they are needed most.

How Much Are You Losing?


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INST: 0.00%
UNI AVG: 86.0%


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Solution In Action

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Our intuitive dashboard has been built from the ground up, with constant feedback from university support staff. We allow users to easily navigate around the interface, without a steep learning curve.


We would love to hear from you. Please let us know if you have any question regarding how our system can help you achieve your goals or anything related to making life in the universities better for us all. We will be happy to give you sufficient answers.

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